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Corporate Governance

Governance is a key component of corporate leadership. At HDFC General Insurance Limited, every action is filtered through integrity and fairness. With a ‘trust crisis’ emerging across sectors, the only antidote is transparency. Highest priority is given to visible accountability across financial and non-financial segments – without making any exceptions.

We consistently adopt innovative approaches for leveraging resources, fostering a healthy growth, converting opportunities into achievements and development of human resources to take the company forward.

Governance Structure
To run a transparent and accountable business requires effective upholding of the principles that we stand for. This responsibility is vested in our experienced and erudite team of executive and non-executive directors, the highest decision-making body within the organization.

Our four-tier governance structure ensures greater management accountability and credibility, increased public confidence and a well performing management in place.

Four Tier Governance Structure

four tier governance structure of HDFC General Insurance Limited
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